Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown, U.S. Senator

The people of Massachusetts spoke -- loudly.
Martha Coakley did not lose the race;
Scott Brown won, going away.
His latest ad included these statements:

"We can send another rubber stamp to Washington,
Or we can try something new:
We can elect an independent voice for all of
Massachusetts, and that's the
United States Senator I promise to be.

The choice we make will send a powerful message to
The big spenders in Washington.
They need to quit expanding our government and
Defending wasteful spending, and start
Expanding this economy and defending out jobs.

I want to be a voice for the people.
I'm alarmed that our nation's spending and debt
Has risen along with unemployment.

I do not think we should plunge ahead with a
Health care bill that will raise taxes, increase
Spending, and lower the quality of care.
I'd like to see us start over and take our time
To do it right.

I got a chance to fully appreciate the true spirit
Of the people of Massachusetts.
They are the most patriotic, hard-working and
Optimistic people in the world.
I have come away with a much
Deeper love and appreciation for them.

For all that, and for the privilege of meeting
With you in you neighborhoods, your homes, and
Where you work, I thank you."

You can't help but like this guy.
The pickup truck, the barn jacket,
The aw-shucks demeanor won people over
All across the commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Remember Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?
Here he is, and a seasoned pol to boot.