Friday, December 6, 2013

Reasons for Separation

The New England States have the following
reasons for proposing separation from the
United States of America:  (The maritime
provinces will list their own from Canada.)

I.  The government of the U.S.A. in its
executive, legislative, and judicial branches
has ceased to function.

II.  The mission of the armed forces of
the U.S.A. is unclear.

III.  The agencies of the U.S. government
have increased their control of the lives
and actions of citizens.

IV.  The national debt of the U.S.A. is
forecast to expand forever.

V.  An increasing number of citizens
are entirely dependent on taxpayers for
their subsistence.

VI.  The federal department of Labor,
Education, Energy, Health and Human
Services, Housing and Urban Development
are unconstitutional creations.

VII.  The provisions of the first ten
amendments to the constitution of the U.S.A.
are no longer supported.

VIII.  The executive branch of the federal
government has usurped the law-enacting
function of Congress.

IX.  The constitution of the U.S.A. does
not permit a "no confidence" removal
of elected officials.

X.  Federal judges and Supreme Court
Justices unlawfully direct executive actions.