Monday, September 10, 2012

Republic of New England report

The shadow cabinet of The Republic of New England
Met recently to discuss their current concerns,
Which I am obliged to report
As their faithful scribe.

The ascendancy of Parti Quebecois
In our neighbor to the north, raises once more
The spector of a referendum in the province
Leading to a vote for independence.

That would give separation anxiety
To Canada as a whole, some of whose citizens
Take the attitude,  "Let the bastards go,"
Most deplore breakup of the confederation.

A further complication in Canada is envy of
The western provinces and their wealth of
Oil and gas resources, leading to a healthy
Economic outlook, as in the Dakotas.

Thus, the idea of inclusion in our nascent republic
Has again attracted the maritime provinces.
New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are in.
Nova Scotia is conflicted; Newfoundland is out.

In Nova Scotia, some of the descendants of
The loyalists who fled New England
Favor rejoining the British Commonwealth,
Whereas Cape Breton looks to a free Scotland.

Needless to say, no one wants Newfoundland
Unless oil is found offshore or some other miracle.
P.E.I. wants to keep its monopoly on providing
All the frozen french fries to Canada.

We are more worried about the U.S. national debt
Than the outcome of the election in the excited states.
But we figure that if we secede and then become a
Conquered dependency, we will not be taxed by the U.S.A.