Monday, March 14, 2011

Revolt of the Masses

Not since the sixties have we seen
Crowds of Americans in open protest,
Nor of legislators abandoning their state
To paralyze the law-making process.

Simultaneously, the scenes of citizens massing
To demonstrate their dissatistfaction with
Long-intrenched authoritarian regimes
Play out in view of worldwide audiences.

Is there a parallel in these actions?
Are we who pride ourselves on our democracy,
Now willing to abandon our responsibility
To accept the "consequences of elections?"

An increasing number of inflammable pieces
Are being broadcast in the mass media urging the
Forced redistribution of wealth in laws
Limiting compensation, or in confiscatory taxation.

The so-called "rich," not clearly identified,
Are equated with the aristocrats of the ancien regime.
Do you recall the cry to the proletariat,
"Comrades, you have nothing to lose but your chains!"

"Civility" is urged upon the populace by those
Who refuse to entertain any beliefs but their own.
"We will fight for you," say the politicians, but
Whom are they fighting but themselves?

Can we not see that the mark of a free people
Is to work together to create the opportunity
To work out our individual destinies,
"Without let or hindrance," as the British say.

In this country, if we see politicians as enemies,
We lose the perspective to see the incompetents
As what they are, and thus seek to remove and
Replace them in an orderly and peaceful manner.