Thursday, October 3, 2013

Providence and The Nutter

In my opinion, this president
Is not simply a nutter,
Serving out the second term
Of a predecessor from Georgia.

Instead, Providence has rewarded
His messianic ego, leading to
Accomplishments that may assure
Him of an honored place in history.

Remember that his predecessor
From Arkansas was dragged,
Kicking and screaming, to sign a
Law requiring welfare recipients to work.

That turned into a resounding success,
Whereas the efforts of a predecessor
From Texas to spread national freedom
To benighted Arabs has failed.

Our present maximum leader,
Who simply pronounces, "Let it be so!"
Has a good chance of seeing his wishes
Turn into worthy achievements.

That is, in the eyes of the populace,
Who cheer the withdrawal from the Middle East,
And resolve never to support another
Adventure in foreign nation-building.

He was the president who
"Got us out of the wars in the desert!"
He may be the president who
"Brought health care to all citizens."

If the new program establishes a foothold,
And then is tweaked to solve problems
Caused by unintended consequences,
Public opinion may support its continuance.

Then we will finally have what has been
Sought by many for years, health care
For all, administered entirely by
A department of the federal government.

Those of us who have been required
To use Medicare for primary treatment
Can testify that it is simple to use,
And covers all our needs, up to now.

Expand that to all citizens, and reduce
The costs by triage and rationing,
And you have a system previously
Employed by the Soviet Union.

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