Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Republic of New England

(Also known as Red Sox Nation)

A congress shall be convened in the city of Boston
in the year 2010 to draft a document of secession
from the United States of America, and a constitution
for the Republic of New England.

The seceding entities shall be the states of
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont,
New Hampshire, and Maine.

(Possibly, Fairfield County in Connecticut may have
to join New York, as it houses a majority of Yankee

Said states shall send delegates to the congress in the
same number as the total of senators and representatives
each has to the congress of the U.S.A.

Ratification of the constitution shall be by each state
legislature in the manner each chooses.

Ratification by all six entities shall be necessary for
establishment of the Republic of New England.

Some of the issues to be considered in the document
of secession may be:

Repudiation of the national debt incurred by the U.S.A.

Takeover of former federal facilities of the U.S.A.

Replacement of the income tax system with a flat tax.

Discontinuation of all income transfer systems.

Establishment of a modest defense force.

Minimal government activity by the Republic.

Limited central powers of all branches of government.

Maintenance of good relations with neighboring countries.

Full citizenship for anyone after five years of residence.

Parliamentary style of election and governance.

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