Saturday, August 29, 2009


In response to questions, yes, the Republic of New England
is a spoof, but with serious overtones. Certainly, the fiscal
adventures in Washington are insane. We may be playing
with Monopoly money soon. In Italy, a gelato grande costs
three euros, which doesn't seem too bad until you convert it
to USD.

Where are we going in Afghanistan? I bow to the military
strategists for a proper estimate of the situation, but in
management speak (my academic field), it seems like a clear
case of: "Having lost sight of our objectives; we redoubled
our efforts!"

Did you know that the subprime mortgage crisis began with
Massachusetts' own representative, Barney Frank, who
insisted that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guarantee the home
mortgage of anyone who wanted one, regardless of ability to
pay. Beware, he's up to more mischief.

Or that the real reason for our involvement in the Middle East
is the refusal of East and West Coast congressmen and senators
to allow offshore drilling along their shores. We could be
nearly self-sufficient in oil from North America resources, if it
were permitted. Alaska is different. They want to drill more;
congress won't let them.

So there is merit in wistful thinking about a nice little country
like Slovenia, mostly unknown and under the radar. New
England almost seceded after suffering an economic collapse
from Jefferson's Embargo Act of 1807. Repeal in 1809 headed
off the movement.

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