Friday, May 7, 2010


Fascism begins with popular acclaim,
Particularly after a national catastrophe.
A bright, shining leader promises a new beginning
Where change in governance will fulfill all hopes.

All will work together for the betterment of the country,
Factional differences will be submerged in
Striving for the common good in unity.
Government will be completely transparent.

Upon being elected by a substantial majority,
The new leaders demonize the former opposition.
Plans are made in secret with no input from
Anyone but those in the inner circle.

Major legislation is rammed through
A compliant parliament.
Whose authors do not have any idea
How their work will fare in the real world.

Principal sectors of the economy:
Big business, labor, education,
Are co-opted and reduced to servants
Of the central ideology.

The poorest of the citizens pay no taxes
But are promised health care and welfare
In exchange for their votes and
Support of the national agenda.

Goon squads are formed to crush resistance.
The military arm is purged of potential rebels.
The constitution is rewritten to assure
Continuance of the regime without challenge.

If the leader is very clever,
Both he and his country survive.
If he is not, the country flounders, and
Every ill is blamed on enemies, real or mythical.

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