Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dark Clouds

A sullen mood shrouds the country.
People ask, "why," and receive no answer.
If this is a recession, why are prices going up?
If the economy is recovering, why can't I get a job/

The old folks complain,
Why are my investments deteriorating?
Why is the return so low on fixed investments?
Why do doctors spend more time on paperwork than on me?

Why does a renowned warrior fire himself by careless remarks?
Why couldn't he get the job done in Afghanistan?
Why are young persons dying in the service of their country?
What are they supposed to accomplish?

Why does government want to spend so much money?
What are they going to do for us that isn't being done already?
Why are our health insurance premiums going through the roof?
Why are they bailing out the mortgage of my deadbeat neighbor?

Why don't they let foreign vessels help clean up the oil spill?
Why do they want to stop all oil drilling?
Why do they plan to increase gasoline prices,
And all the energy costs for us homeowners?

Why can't my kids get a decent education in the public schools?
Why do teachers get an automatic raise every year?
Why do we need all these new bureaucracies to protect us?
Why can't we be trusted to make intelligent decisions?

Why are we pushing all this debt on our grandchildren?
Why are our grandchildren not able to get jobs?
Why is the federal government supposed to solve all problems?
What happened to individual initiative and self-reliance?

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