Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tea Party Nation

The proposed constitutional convention in October, 2010,
For the establishment of the Republic of New England
Has been cancelled, or perhaps postponed,
Pending the outcome of the November elections.

The conveners caucused on Cape Cod,
And after due deliberation,
Decided to throw their support to the candidates
Supported by Tea Party movements in various locales.

The group hopes that the next Congress will,
Regardless of party labels,
Pursue goals shared by the majority of voters,
And restore sanity to the governing of the United States.

This happening, the need for separation
Becomes less urgent, and less attractive.
Instead, the tea party movement itself
May become a separate political party.

Both of the present parties have
Wasted their opportunities for service.
Each has promised to reverse course,
And has instead amplified previous disasters.

Their representatives and senators in Congress
Are now being held accountable for their wasteful ways,
And will be monitored carefully in the days to come
For compliance with the wishes of the electorate.

For the short term, then,
New England holds its potential secession
And supports the resurgence of serious statesmanship
In the government of the United States of America.

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