Saturday, November 19, 2011

NEWT 2012

Newt for president; you can't be serious!
Yes we are, and we're putting our money
Where our brains are, but we're not telling anyone
Because people will think we're crazy.

That's the attitude of those who all of a sudden
Gave Newt a big bump in the polls.
Even he was surprised, and said
"Today looks a whole lot better than yesterday!"

Can you imagine how risky it would be
To have a NEWT 2012 sticker on your bumper?
You might find your tires slashed, or
Key scratched all along the doors.

No, better to play it safe.
Don't say a word to anyone but the pollster.
Make your contribution online
Or mailed in a plain envelope.

Why Newt; is it because your favorite
Refused to jeopardize his/her future in the race,
Of if he/she did decide to compete
Managed to insert foot in mouth in a weak moment.

How can you support someone for president
With all that political and personal baggage
Hanging on his tail like tin cans?
Well, maybe because he truly tells it like it is.

What can the media say that isn't already known?
All the regular Joes and Janes who have
Made their mistakes along the way
May be sympathetic to a straight talker like Newt.

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