Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Lose

My friend at church asks me,
"Do you think Obama can win?"
"No, I don't think he can win,
But the Republicans can lose!"

Now the Republicans are well on their way,
On their way to losing, that is,
As one by one, candidates quit the race,
Leaving a strange mix of competitors.

Worse yet is the roster of bystanders,
Those who might have been effective
In leading the country's citizens to accept
Living in the real world as grownups.

Changes need to be made, must be made
If we are to survive as a republic.
The tax code is a disaster;
The national budget rises through the roof.

Difficult decisions are a statesman's job.
The politician leads people where they
Say they want to go, whereas the statesman
Leads them where they need to go.

Who can tell us to rid ourselves
Of dependence on the largesse of a few
To food, clothing, shelter for all,
And the cure for all ills that befall mankind?

Some call for the fabled "white knight"
To ride into town bearing a banner
That reads, "Follow me and all will be well;
Obey me and you will be forever provided for."

History is replete with such false prophets
Who enslave their own people.
Freedom depends upon rulers
Becoming servants rather than masters.

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