Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Health Care (2)

Apparently, a majority of Americans
favor Universal Health Care, that is
a system that provides insurance
by a Federal agency for health care.

Often labelled single payer insurance,  
the program would eliminate health
insurance from private businesses
and set all criteria for coverage.

Employer contribution to premiums
will cease, offset by wage increases.
A general tax will be instituted to
assure that all people are covered.

Similar to the present Medicare,
repayment rates will be set for
all health care providers, who
must follow approved treatments.

Gradually, the federal government
will own all hospitals and clinics,
as philanthropic support ceases
to finance facilities and improvements.

Probably most health care providers
will become employees of the
government and will no doubt
form unions for collective bargaining.

As health care ceases to be private,
the attraction of practicing medicine
as a career will lead to less quality
in aspirants for medical positions.

In short, the entire sector of
health care in our country will
experience a diminution of
dedication and innovation.

Everyone will be insured, but not
everyone will be treated well, as
they face rigidity in practice and
pressure to control costs.

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