Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Health Care

The only way to solve
the health care dilemma
is to remove all federal
funding of same.

The only exception shall be
Armed Forces hospitals
treating their wounded
or injured members.

Health care will improve,
costs will be reduced,
when states and communities
set standards for providers.

Gone are Medicare,
Medicaid, CHIPS, and
the avatar of inefficiency:
Veterans hospitals.

In their place will be
competition at all levels,
from doctors, clinics,
hospitals, and insurers.

No one will be entitled
to health care, as a
benefit to be paid
from federal taxes.

Even those who are
disabled, on welfare, or
social security, must pay
an appropriate amount.

Most important will be
enhanced recruitment
of doctors, nurses, and
other medical personnel.

Doors will open again
for philanthropy to be
the principal financier
of health care facilities.

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